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Big Draw Results 2015

THE BIG DRAW The wait has been long, the tension has mounted, the judges have deliberated, the ‘Art’ gods consulted and now the results you have all been waiting for……………………….

For the most artistically talented
First Place – Amanda Amade Year 8
Second Place –  Brooke Suleman Year 10
Third Place – Satya Moodely Year 4
Fourth Place – Sofia Ershova Year 7
The most funny
First Place – Marvin Anthony Prea Year 5
Second Place – Uzzel Morel Year 3
Third Place – Stephie Lespoir Year 6
 The most imaginative
First Place – Amelie Desaubin Year 13
Second Place – Sam Walker Year 4
Third Place –  Tara Michel Year 5
The best interpretation of the theme, ‘Every picture tells a story’:
First Place – Maria Lefevre Year 13
Second Place – Fabien Roselie Year 11
Third Place -Fangyi Liao Year 8
Fourth Place – Catherine Lodoiska Year 13
House points will be awarded (10 house points for first place, 7 for second, 5 for third, and 3 for fourth) certificates will also be given out and small prizes to come.
Well done to all students and staff who participated in the event. We will be back next year, and perhaps even parents could be enticed to participate as well!
The Art Department