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Parental Involvement Framework

Parental involvement is a broad term and includes such things as good parenting, helping with homework, serving on school councils, Boards and committees, communicating and meeting with teachers and volunteering in the classroom or on school trips.
All forms of parental involvement are beneficial.
In every form, parental involvement in education shows children that their parents care about what they are doing and learning, and that they value a good education.

The school believes that:
parents are generally very enthusiastic about their children’s education and would welcome all opportunities to be actively engaged with the school;
parents have skills and knowledge that may be a positive advantage to the school;
students flourish through the involvement of their parents in school life;
community involvement is key in raising the standard of education and the image of the school.

As a result, the school is introducing a parental involvement framework to encourage and manage parental involvement.

Please see the document linked below which outlines the framework and how to get involved.

Parental Involvement Framework 2015

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