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Caterpillar Capers

The arrival of 5 hungry caterpillars in ISS caused a lot of reaction. The early morning gardeners discovered the Deaths Head Hawks moth Caterpillar feeding on the plants we were watering. What a surprise ! This amazing caterpillar has a skull on its head and is very large. The students were amazed and did some research about this wonderfully hungry caterpillar. Some pupils remembered the famous story about a caterpillar and Mr Scott took time to explain the lifecycle of a butterfly. This particular moth makes a mouse like squeaking noise and can often be found raiding beehives in Seychelles for the honey. One student from the class also found some of these creatures in his garden and he brought them in to show the class. All 5 of them started munching happily in the tank and after learning more about them the students were happy to release them into the school garden so they could eat some more!


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