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‘Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.’ – Erol Ozan (Author and Dancer)

The Arterial Network Seychelles invited senior Performing Arts students, specialising in dance, from ISS to perform at the private view and cocktail event for the opening of the exhibition for internationally renowned artist, Gabriele Schnitzenbaumer, at Eden Art Space Gallery, on Tuesday 19th February. Gabriele is a German painter and sculptor who works between Munich, New York and Seychelles.

Darnell Lozaique who studies Performing Arts in Year 12 at ISS performed with Steffie-Ann Monthy, a dancer in year 11, alongside dancer Deje Laure from SIT. The students have been in rehearsal with Ms Georgie Nicholls, Head of Performing Arts, studying the seminal dance work; ‘Cafe Muller’ by German dance practitioner Pina Bausch, to present to the artist at the opening.

The students worked in an extremley professional manner during the rehearsals and during the performance they danced with commendable energy and commitment. Congratulated by many local and internatioanlly renowned artists and guests through out the evening for their outstanding and moving performance and contribution to the Performing Arts in Seychelles.

Ms Georgie introduced the dance work explaining that the dance routine was created in 1985, and perfectly blends the abstracted and expressive qualities of dance with the realistic and truth-based familiarity of theatre. There are many nuanced and implicit similarities in the expression of performing arts in general but particularly within dance, and the breath-taking art work being exhibited at the gallery for Gabriele Schnitzenbaumer.

Congratulations once again to our talented students.



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