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Year 5 R and GVI

Year 5R took part in an Outdoor Environmental Education programme along with the GVI (Global Vision International) who are based at Cap Ternay. The volunteers in the project helped us to learn something about deep sea fishes. As part of our half termly work the group heard about the importance of the Ramsar wetlands at Port Launay – identifying mangrove species on the wetland boardwalk. This adventure ended up at the waterfall where the children saw crayfish and a magnificent waterfall crashing onto the rocks. Ephelia also assisted us as usual and as part of the course work the students were able to spot the 7 species of mangrove and take part in some mangrove planting in the Ephelia resort nursery. As part of their science curriculum the students took a walk to identify local and invasive plant species. They identified and collected many plant species and seeds on the beach and discussed their finds with the class. During our final session with GVI the students got a chance to explore the reef at Port Launay and many were amazed at the fish and coral that they saw there – Keegan Vogt was able to identify many of the fishes that we saw! Thanks to GVI for supporting us again this term.



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