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Eco Project – Year 10 Business class

Year 10 Business class students are hoping to raise awareness to both tourists and local people to find a way to enjoy the beach without using plastic materials. Dion Obst, the Business studies teacher and the students developed ideas to create an eco- friendly party box to bring to a beach party which will not harm the environment. The students designed baskets and hats from a variety of leaves and used coconut shells as candle holders and cups. They are producing a market video which is focussing on plastic waste in particular the use of balloons on beaches in Seychelles. The students surveyed friends and family about balloons and found that these are always included in a beach party. They hope to raise awareness about the types of alternative party decorations which are eco friendly and can be used without polluting the beaches and oceans. They will produce a short educational video which will be shown on SBC.
floor of the Espace building.



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