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Environment day June 5th 2019

June 5th is celebrated as World Environment day. In ISS primary students took part in an Environmental walk around the school grounds to raise awareness of the school environment and to suggest ways of beautifying it. Primary classes looked closely at the new Wildlife, Medicinal and Vegetable gardens and many were excited to see the recently erected Mangrove platform. Many pupils enjoyed sightings of grey herons, green herons, mangroved crabs, fish, Madame Paton and even a swallow tail butterfly. They were impressed with the regrowth and success of mangrove seeds which have been replanted near the school grounds. The mangrove wetland protects our school from tsunamis and flooding and deals with the silt run off from the rivers as well as being the habitat for many animals and birds. The students suggested many ways of improving the environment and all agreed that the primary and secondary playground needs some more flowers and trees. This will be our next project and the Wildlife club has begun already planting colourful flowers in tyres and wheelbarrows that have been kindly donated by parents of the school.

Other Environment day projects included Year 2 and Year 6 visits to the Double tree Hilton where MCSS staff spoke to the children about coral and coral restoration in Seychelles. The students were able to clean the new coral plants themselves and the workshops were informative and interesting for everyone. Many thanks to Doubletree Hilton for allowing our students to use their facilities to enjoy these workshops.



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