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ISS Music Department Visit to Praslin

It was on the early morning of the 1st December, 2017, with calm cloud and the ocean was very friendly. Children had long waited for this day to come. And yes it came. The Catcoco was waiting for us and the captain finally started the engine. Before we realized we were in the middle of the ocean seeing the beautiful waters. It was a first time for the Music department to travel out of Mahe on a musical tour.
We arrived safely and were well received by the Head teacher of Vijay international school, Mr. Mark Howell. Our own Principal Mr. John Prince also accompanied us. We spent the whole morning rehearsing for the show and children were full of excitement and could not wait to go on stage. Finally the hall was turned into red with sweet melodies that brought the entire Praslin on cloud 9.
Students had so much to say. “I’m so glad to be here performing in front of all these beautiful people” Samantha (Year 6E). “Music has brought so much joy in my life”, Zia Adam (year 6M). The show was exceptional and children were filled with smiles.
Mr. John Chitambo would like to sincerely thank all the parents and teachers for your support in making the trip to Praslin a success. Also many thanks to Vijay International school for hosting us.
Tank, Mercie, Zikomo kwambili. Le kamoso

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