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Mangrove Restoration work

Ephelia hotel staff joined ISS staff, Primary Wildlife club and Secondary Eco club in a huge project to replant the mangroves on the opposite bank to ISS. Ephelia staff led by Markus brought 200 mangrove seedlings to school and at low tide they were joined by students wearing old clothes, wellington boots or crocs! The holes were dug by everyone and Ephelia staff aided the students as they worked fast to plant all the manglier rouz seeds before the tide came in again. Staff were excited to see a large carangue stranded in the shallow water and Ephelia staff had a go at rescuing it but luckily the fish managed to get back to the deep! All the students worked hard and dug enthusiastically in the mud the restoration work has made a big difference to the bank of the river and will help the wetlands in general providing a habitat for many animals. This was an exciting and worthwhile project. Many thanks to Ephelia hotel for providing the plants, staff and expertise to make this project possible.



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