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Recycled Christmas tree competition

Recycled Christmas tree competition

Secondary and Primary students took part in this competition which was from the Ministry of Environment and Climate change in collaboration with the Education for Sustainable Development. Students and teachers had to design and produce a Christmas tree made out of recycled material. International School Seychelles produced 5 incredible works of art. Year 2C and Year 3B made trees out of recycled toilet rolls and old bits of cardboard, Year 6A made a tree out of old CDs, Wildlife clubs in Primary turned the spare tyres at school into a decorated pyramid structure and the Art department made an incredibly creative tree out of recycled take away boxes. The primary students helped a lot with this by washing out their boxes and bringing them to Ms Doris. Other decorations on the tree included bottle top snowmen and lights, bottle top garlands, stars made out of CDs and brightly painted containers were the presents round the bottom of the tree.

Well done to everyone staff and students who participated in this competition