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World Wetland Day February 2nd 2021

World Wetland Day February 2nd 2021

Students of ISS were invited to celebrate World Wetland day 2021 by entering a competition. Both Secondary and Primary students submitted entries to celebrate this event. Every year on 2nd February World Wetland day is celebrated to raise global awareness about the high importance of wetlands for people and our planet. “Wetlands and water” the theme for WWD 2021 shines a spotlight on wetlands as a source of freshwater and encourages actions to restore them and stop their loss. ISS has been granted a Blue Economy grant to do just that! The school has already begun regenerating the mangrove area by planting mangrove seedlings in collaboration with other stakeholders. This project will continue in 2021 and the building of a mangrove boardwalk will encourage and educate our students and others in Seychelles to realise the importance of wetlands.

Some Primary students wrote a story ‘A Wetland Adventure’ and others designed a poster about Wetlands with a slogan ‘Save our Wetlands’. Reception One and Two students and Year One and Two produced drawings of mangroves flora and fauna whilst Secondary students made posters and wrote about the Importance of Wetlands.

Congratulations to all participants in this competition.