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Seeds, Saplings and Sunshine

Seeds, Saplings and Sunshine

Tree Planting day on Monday September 27th was a memorable day at I.S.S. Pupils from Year 9 began the day by planting endemic Bwa-d-Roz saplings, a coastal favourite which is often outnumbered by invasive species.

Year 6C continued the initiative by planting a variety of vegetables seeds and flowers in the school garden most of the seeds they brought themselves. In years to come advocado will fruit in the garden. Endemic palm trees also featured and sisters in Years 5 and 7 added some colour with their local flowers seedlings. Year 2A have also been busy planting flowers and vegetables as well as a variety of palm trees.

The Secondary Eco Club planted trees in different sections of the school. The amazing Elephant Apple tree, an ornamental palm, Belenbi Marron and a Bwa Zoliker. There are also some endemic palm trees and a Bwa Sagay to add to the endemic trees on the coastline. Many thanks to the Seychelles Parks and Garden Authority (SPGA) for donating such wonderful saplings for our school grounds. More work ahead as they all need water.