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World Wetland Day and Tree Frog Tadpoles

ISS Wildlife club was joined this week by 2 Outreach workers who have come from Canada to work with Wildlife clubs in Seychelles.  Mimi and Olivia joined our excursion to the Salazie trail on the hunt for the elusive tree frog tadpoles.  The spawn is laid in the tree above water and then hatched they drop down and wiggle their way to the nearest water source.  We found the pond and brought a few back to school to study.  When more mature we will return them to the same idyllic  jungle habitat.

We reunited with the girls on the 2nd February, World Wetland Day.  Children from the club were invited to attend an exhibition to raise awareness of the importance of wetlands.  The Wildlife club have been working on the cultivation of new mangrove plants to regenerate our nearest swamps.  The students who attended answered the quiz questions successfully and won some posters and games for the club.  We also met some children from the local Primary school at Plaisance who were interested to assist us in protecting our local wetlands.