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World Wetlands Day

To celebrate World Wetlands Day on the 2nd February, a group of enthusiastic ‘Wildlifers’ from the Primary and Secondary sections of the school represented ISS at the Nature Seychelles sanctuary at Roche Caiman.

We had been invited to the wetlands sanctuary to join in a variety of activities organised by Nature Seychelles to raise awareness about the importance of wetlands. Our students took part in collecting and planting mangrove seeds and a clean-up of the area. One group of our older students also worked on clearing invasive species out of the mangrove area whilst a second group started digging work for the creation of a new fish habitat. Nature Seychelles representatives were very happy with the work that was completed and it was an enjoyable and positive learning experience for the students.

Later in the day, children from the Wildlife Club took some of the seeds and mangrove plants that had been collected to the local area of mangroves near our school.  We hope that the seeds and mangroves that they planted will add to this particular wetland habitat.

Further pictures are available on the Nature Seychelles website:


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