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Wildlife Encounters with the Wildlife club in the Botanical Gardens

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Excitedly the Year 3 and 4 members of the Wildlife club went off on a field trip to visit the wildlife in the Botanical gardens. The adventure started with a crocodile march – 2 by 2 along to the gardens where we were met by Ian our guide. First stop was the Tortoise enclosure where the students were very happy to meet up with some Aldabra giant tortoises many of them rescued from unsuitable homes. The reptiles were also glad to see the students bearing gifts of leaves and we met the oldest inhabitant who is 99 years old. Many of the pupils had never seen terrapins before so this was a magical moment to see their little heads popping up in the ponds. We carried on into the park and after clapping our hands hundreds of bats took flight – many of them carrying mangos. We finished our tour by spotting dragonflies and geese in the ponds. A very successful outing where we encountered a multitude of living things reptiles, mammals, birds and insects.



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Mangrove Restoration work

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Ephelia hotel staff joined ISS staff, Primary Wildlife club and Secondary Eco club in a huge project to replant the mangroves on the opposite bank to ISS. Ephelia staff led by Markus brought 200 mangrove seedlings to school and at low tide they were joined by students wearing old clothes, wellington boots or crocs! The holes were dug by everyone and Ephelia staff aided the students as they worked fast to plant all the manglier rouz seeds before the tide came in again. Staff were excited to see a large carangue stranded in the shallow water and Ephelia staff had a go at rescuing it but luckily the fish managed to get back to the deep! All the students worked hard and dug enthusiastically in the mud the restoration work has made a big difference to the bank of the river and will help the wetlands in general providing a habitat for many animals. This was an exciting and worthwhile project. Many thanks to Ephelia hotel for providing the plants, staff and expertise to make this project possible.



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Visit to Cerf Island to look at MCSS Coral restoration project

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4 students in Year 7 were invited to join the MCSS team on Cerf Island to look at the projects they have undertaken to restore the coral reef. The trip began with some beach cleaning where the students joined with MCSS staff in a daily clean up to remove plastic pollution from the shoreline. After a snorkelling session in the pool the students went out to the coral reef to see how the newly grown coral was developing. They were impressed with the project and were delighted to be invited to name a new piece of coral which would then be planted on the reef structure. Many thanks to MCSS staff who instructed and inspired the students on this very educational excursion.



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Seychelles Ocean Festival – Prizewinners 2019

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International School Seychelles were very proud to have 5 prizewinners in this years Seychelles Ocean Festival. ISS students submitted entries in all the categories and we were very pleased to win the Best Secondary school award. Entries from secondary students included essays and art work these will be displayed in the school after the holidays.

Prizes were given in the art category to ….

Haadiya Korumtollee 1st Prize

Joshua Allcorn 2nd prize

Menmozhi Sasikumar 1st Prize

For essay writing prizes went to ….

Vanshika Parikh

Ashvin Valabjhi

Well done to everyone who participated in this competition – there were many amazing entries in all categories.

Further thanks to the ISS Ocean festival Singers Leah and Brooke from ISS who were invited to sing during the prize giving ceremony. Thank you to Georgie Nicholls for organizing this performance.



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